Monty Don and a Philippe Starck toilet seat

It’s been a bonkers week what with the kids going back to school and we also had a new toilet fitted. The last one used to randomly whistle and sing in the middle of the night, think of Aled Jones’ “we’re walking in the air” at 4am! The new one is a plush old thing obtained off our “Portuguese man with a van”. It was ripped out of a house in Chelsea as the posh owner didn’t like it after her bathroom was refurbished. Nearly new toilets eh, is that this years new thing? Turns out it’s a Philippe Starck and costs £300 new, we were getting it for £25 but as our man broke the seat in transit so we got it for nothing, bargain eh? Not really, the new seat will cost £50+ to replace! Designer loos eh, who needs the stress?

Popped into the garden centre yesterday to get something to stick in the area that the potatoes used to occupy (even the kids were starting to say “we don’t have to have spuds EVERY night do we?”). One thing with the internet, you might be able to get cheap plants but one thing you don’t get is good advice and a bit of banter. Our local garden centre is a family run affair and they’re used to my off the wall questioning. What’s good about them is that they are glad to pass on the information which I think is what it’s all about! Use your local garden centre, you’ll find out some great info, get great recommendations and keep the owners off the dole!

I got some over-wintering cabbages, a tray of twelve for £3, which ain’t bad even though my wife thinks the slugs will have them. When choosing something to plant, remember the crop rotation rule, the cabbages are in a different family to spuds, not ideal straight away after potatoes but they’ll do. I gave the area a good old hoe, took out any weeds and stones, made a slight depression and filled the row with a bucket’s worth of compost from the council supplied plastic bin started earlier this year. I spaced the plants out using a trowel’s length as a guide, firmed the plants in and gave them a water before the sun hit the area (I soaked the seedlings in the tray an hour before too). Voilà, two rows of slug food! It’s funny as the night before I watched Monty Don do exactly the same thing (not that I am influenced by the telly or anything, honest!)

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