Making plans for Nigel

Now’s a good time to make a quick plan of the garden as this’ll help when you come to growing stuff next year, that’s unless you’ve given up and getting the garden paved over after the rubbish weather we’ve had this year! It don’t have to be a Picasso (I mean look at below it took us a minute to do on the train home), just something to remind you what was where, as you might forget come next year (I usually do).

When growing you must think about crop rotation (moving specific groups of vegetables around the garden). If the same vegetables were grown in the same place each year, certain nutrients would be taken out of the soil and the plants would be open to infection and disease. Crop rotation helps guard against pests and diseases by promoting healthier plants.

On the notes with the “growing food in the city” course at walworth garden farm (hi Scarlett!), it says “the simplest rule of crop rotation is not to grow the same thing in the same place two years running. The larger the gap between a crop occupying the same piece of ground the better” which is a very good and simple explanation of crop rotation.

I’ll go deeper into the subject in a later post but very simply, you group together certain families of vegetables and rotate these groups over a period of 3 or 4 years. How simple is that?