More Genesis, Floyd, Jethro Tull, Yes? Not arf!

Thanks to Will for sending this youtube clip that features the permaculture king, Mike Feingold in his allotment. He looks a right old character with his bonkers hair and overalls, but knows a thing or two about gardening. He even has a roll-up on the go while showing people around his polytunnel. That’s not healthy is it?

Anyway seeing this clip reminded me of a bloke I used to know in my late teens in Coventry. He was about the same age as Mike Feingold then, always wore a green boiler suit, had ginger hair in a ponytail, and loved the band Gentle Giant. He was a lovely bloke, lived in bedsit, always had a pot of tea on the go and his door was always open for visitors. He wasn’t overly keen on the work ethic though and had his unemployment benefit stopped for a while after an interview with a dole office official when he said “getting a job would interfere with my social life”. Not a great thing to say in a interview with the dole! Wonder what he’s up to now?

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