In a love ballad stylee

Jimmy James – My request (WIRL) 1962/63
Here’s another seven inch that breaks the “if it ain’t got a middle and has Jamaica on the label, it’s reggae” rule. This was bought in the late 80’s from a second hand record stall in a damp smelling arch in Brixton Market for Fifty pence. I had no idea when I bought it that the singer was Jimmy James of Jimmy James and the Vagabonds “I’ll go where the music takes me” fame. This one is in remarkably good nick and has a lovely cover too! Months later off the same stall I picked up a Jamaican pressing of a Stylistics single which was covered in red dust which I was told was authentic garden soil from Jamaica, yeah right! This a ballad of the loving kind. Love the slow trumpet solo!

2 thoughts on “In a love ballad stylee

  1. Cheers chris! Brilliant isn’t it? I didn’t know it was the same bloke who was in the vagabonds when i first got it. What sort of music would you call this?

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