It’s alright this gardening lark, innit?

A mad day to say the least. The weather was first rate and conditions that inspired a day of gardening and then later, chilling in the back garden. My petrol mower was chugging away at 11am with no complaints (the guy across the road had his going at the ungodly hour of 9am on a Sunday morning without the police being called, the power of sunshine eh?)

Today I dug up the spuds that started off in the home-made cold frame which were later served up for dinner. Not as many for the two plants as I thought (earlies aren’t supposed to be massive harvesters) but enough roast spuds for a sunday dinner for a family of four. Perhaps I was expecting too much, but quality far out-weighed the quantity. Comments on the produce from the family were along the lines of “these potatoes taste like real potatoes”, too right! There’s still the rest of the bag of seed potatoes-worth of plants to go, so there’s a good few more roasters to enjoy.

There’s even a second flower on the water lilly in the pond, and for the last couple of years we’ve been cursing the bloke in Lewisham’s premier pet shop as all we’ve got is the odd leaf or two. Shame! The above pic shows the water lily that cost us a fiver about 2 years ago, a few oxygenating pond plants I got off ebay for about £3 which is spreading like wildfire and two of the goldfish of the 13 my wife got for the price as 11 (£7ish) at the Lewisham pet shop after she listened intently to the bloke chat on about his own pond. Bargain!


4 thoughts on “It’s alright this gardening lark, innit?

  1. Oh Pete your potatoes look great compared with mine. I have to admit I’m having my worst growing season since getting my plot in 1998. My potatoes are weedy-small and not very many at all. So disappointing, but absolutely delicious nonetheless.
    And the f***ing snails are back with a vengeance after steady depletion over the last few years. Aaarrgggghhhh! You can’t win them all I guess.
    Come for a plot visit soon.

    • Hi Scarlett, cheers for that! Apart from the spuds and the courgettes everything else is very very slow, only now getting flowers on the french beans, toms are just forming and a lot of seeds didn’t take first time around. Saying that those beetroot plants I got off the veg in the city course are massive! I won’t even talk about those pesky slugs! Love to come up to the plot soon. All the best Pete

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