The last supper

Can you believe it? The summer weather’s returning or so it seems. It’s great you can actually get out and do something in the garden instead of staying in and cursing the weeds that are popping up everywhere.The other evening as it was still a “leaf” day I sowed the last of the lettuce, spinach and rocket seeds I had left in the gaps in the salad bed (see pic above with the home made cat deterrent in place). I even put in some peas today as the last lot refused to come up (I did buy them on e-bay). I know it’s towards the end of summer but it’s worth taking a chance.

The slugs have finally got to me so the other night I finally snapped, so it was out with the blue pellets (I really didn’t want to go there). Trails of transparent goo greeted me the morning after and slugs in the final throws of their life littered the soil. I felt a bit guilty but they’ve had a load of my stuff this year and here’s a man who can’t take no more. I am not bitter, ok? My next track is to be called “Where’s me Dahlias gone?”

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