Dread, beet an’ blood

Leroy Sibbles – Ain’t no love (Rock Jam)

I got this gem of a tune last weekend for a quid at the nine elms sunday market in vauxhall. I only found out about the market by accident while queueing for the cashpoint when I noticed loads of people walking past carrying blue plastic bags full of dubious food content.

It’s a massive market selling all sorts from trainers, power tools with bits missing, gardening tools, unrefrigerated meat products, the odd stall selling records and one selling big boxes of very ripe beetroot for “two pounds, a bargain mate!” The market is also as rough as, and the only one I’ve been to that has security guards and ones who roam around in twos. God forbid what would happen if you were caught shoplifting!

This twelve inch from 1978 was wedged between some king jammy’s digital business and as the label was printed so off centre and also that I knew of mr sibbles from the great heptones I decided to take a chance for a quid. It was only when I got it home I recognised the tune from a brilliant mikey dread “dread at the controls” C90 recorded off the great man’s radio shows in jamaica from the late 70’s. Tune!

A market to go to have a butchers at but one to keep your head down in. Be warned, unrefrigerated meat products can kill!


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