Inventive planter of the week

Thanks very much to our friend Sharon Bassey of the London beekeeping association for sending us this picture of a very clever idea for a planter from a friend of hers using a wooden pallet. How brilliant is that? She mentions they would look great as dividers or up against a shed/wall and I reckon they’d work well on a balcony too. Any more inventive planters out there? Send your planter pics to us. Inventive planters of the world unite!


2 thoughts on “Inventive planter of the week

  1. Nice one Steve, I’d say deffo, give it a go! As long as they get enough water and some feed every now and again they should be well okay. Strawberries work well in the those herb planter tubs with the holes around the side and hanging baskets so they should be be okay in a pallet. Watch out for the birds though. Someone told me at the council that his granddad used to paint stones red and put them in with the strawberries and he reckoned birds would stop bothering after a while! No sure if that was true or he was pulling me leg. Netting is probably better though!

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