Everyone loves the sunshine…

It’s been a terrible start to June, the bank holiday was a right wash-out and on the way home from work last week getting soaked in the rain I passed an upside down plastic “darlek” type compost bin outside a house with a note saying “please take me”. Have you ever tried carrying one of those things? When we got ours delivered (free from the council) I had to roll mine down to the back garden so carting one a few streets away would have been murder. I had to pass on it and I’m not usually one to turn down free stuff!

Talking of something for free, I discovered the first bit of liquid that seeped out of my hi-tech “I didn’t buy it” wormery this morning. Total cost so far is a grand nowt as the top area (where the worms do their work) was a bucket I found outside a shop and the smaller bucket underneath (which collects any liquid deposits) once kept tile grout. The worms I got from my compost bin and I feed them kitchen waste about once a week. It’s looking horrible in there at the moment with mould and fruit flies but I think that’s a good sign.

The liquid that drains out of the wormery is an excellent plant feed when diluted. The little I got today I slung into a small bucket of water and did some pots and me sweet peas. Last year I was paying about a fiver for a bottle of liquid feed in the shops so a big cheers to Scarlett for getting me onto this worm composting lark.

Also the water lily we bought three years ago for a fiver from Lewisham’s “premier” pet shop is starting to get a flower bud. I think the guy felt sorry for us when we said we couldn’t afford the £20 for a big one so he done us a deal. I have no idea if this is normal to wait three years for one to flower or is that what happens when you buy one for a fiver! Most of the other plants around the pond I got for just the cost of postage and packing a few years ago from an offer in The Guardian and the Iris’s were given to us by a good mate. Who needs expense in this day and age?


2 thoughts on “Everyone loves the sunshine…

  1. Everybody surely does loves the sunshine Pete, but where on earth is it??!! I can’t believe I’ve got the SAD lamp on in June!
    Loving that you are worm-loving, I swear by them as you know. Pop a bit of something dry in (like some finely shredded newspaper, just a very small amount) it will help rebalance, and eliminate some of the fruit flies. Top Tip – open the lid away from you, that way the fruit flies don’t fly up directly in your face, which is a truly revolting experience. Now that is a Top Tip worth knowing!

  2. Brilliant! I will stick some shredded paper in tomorrow night and that is definitely a top tip about opening the lid away from myself! Every time I go to look into the thing I get a cloud of fruit flies in my face, but not now I won’t! Thanks for that. Terrible weather isn’t it?

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