Can you handle it?

Pound shops, don’t you just love ’em! Those plastic builder’s buckets with handles on they sell cheap have come up in conversation a couple of times this week funnily enough. My mate Will used one to scoop out the water from his kid’s bath to put on the garden thus foiling the hosepipe ban during last week’s mini heatwave. It’s funny, as today it was freezing cold and was tipping it down like there’s no tomorrow. Where’s that heatwave gone when you need it over the bank holiday weekend? Yesterday afternoon I was “tipping around with a hoe” with hot sun burning the back of me neck but today was soaked to the skin just walking down to the compost bin. What’s all that about?

A big ta to Edward for telling us his top tip last wednesday of drilling some drainage holes in the bottom of the plastic buckets and using them to grow spuds in. Using seed potatoes he has left over from the main plot he puts in one per bucket and then puts them in the greenhouse. If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse you could put spuds in at varying times of the year thus elongating the cropping season. Bob Flowerdew mentioned he loves keeping some seed potatoes over so he can sow them indoors just after xmas so he’ll have new potatoes for Easter. Good idea eh? I haven’t got a greenhouse but the old window frame I found in the street that doubled as a cold frame has turned up trumps as the potato plant started early on in the year under it is flowering now so it won’t be long now till we have some new potatoes for dinner!

A few weeks ago I transferred the tumbling tomato plant that I got on the growing food in the city course at walworth garden farm to a hanging basket (alongside a lettuce and a nasturtium) on the wall which is doing great (see above). It gets lots of sun from early on and I give it a good water as and when it needs it (usually on a nightly basis!)

I found the hanging basket in a skip a year or so ago and it was in a right state but after bit of a wash and brush up and some wire wool on the chain, it’s looking good! It’s a bit overcrowded at the moment and as it’s only early in the season I’m sure I will be thinning out the thing but lets see what happens. I’ll be giving it a good feed weekly during the summer and lots of water so fingers crossed.

It’s two days of bank holidays now, what’s the odds of getting some good weather?


2 thoughts on “Can you handle it?

  1. Hi Scarlett. I looked at the plant today and there’s some very tiny tomatoes forming already. As for the weather, it was chucking it down all week and this afternoon was like summer around these parts. Mad eh?

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