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We’ve had some mad weather over the bank holiday, it’s colder than last year and we only had the odd bit of sunshine (that I took advantage of and legged it into the garden to do the odd job before it changed it’s mind and rained!). Below is how the garden is looking at the moment after a good mow. The grass is not in brilliant shape but looks alright at a distance! I find if you spend a bit of time tidying up the edges it’s makes it look a lot better as it gives the lawn a bit of definition.

Saturday was spent at the Walworth Garden Farm for another one of their courses, this time it was for Growing Food in the City. Some great info learnt as always in a relaxed atmosphere in a small class full of nice people as per (cheers Scarlett!)

It covered loads of stuff including container gardening, growing spuds in bags (Top tip: use a potato sack from the market, the stall holder will gladly give you one as they only chuck them away and some of them can be quite decorative), crop rotation and to top it off we made a mixed edible planter. Much fun was had getting it home with a heavy bag of shopping on the busy bus back from the Walworth Rd!

As I’ve mentioned before the courses are free for the first time and then you have a to pay a supplement. As this was my third time I had to pay £25 but for a day’s course packed to the brim with info and a planter with veg plants in it, I’d say that is well worth it!

I learnt a few things to say the least and had my introduction to something called “gloves in a bottle”, a shielding cream that protects your hands and the dirt just washes off instantly. It’s gives you the added bonus of actually feeling the soil as you work. Whatever next? Spray on steel toe-capped safety boots? Another good tip learned was to put peas sticks between your rows of seeds to deter Cats. I have trouble with them wiping their behinds in my (OCD straight lined) seed drills after poo-ing, sending the seeds all over the shop! Hopefully that’ll work (below).Also at the farm, there was a plant sale that will be there until the end of May. It was full of bargains, I bought a Blackcurrant Sage Salvia microphylla for a couple of quid, well good. More information on their highly recommended courses:

Taking of plant sales I was told East Street Market off the Walworth Road has some bargains and also next Sunday at the The Horniman Museum gardens in Forest Hill they are having their annual plant sale which I have heard is a great place for getting some unusual plants at a good price.

Big up Bank Holidays!


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