Radio Dada and it goes something like this…

A big cheers to Will for telling us about the programme last night on BBC 6 Music with Terry Farley talking and selecting records with Andrew Weatherall as well as giving a potted history of London’s clubland. Some great tunes and some great stories and it’s up on the web for six more days if you fancy it.

All the talk about youth cults and fanzines on the show brought me back to the time I produced my first fanzine many many moons ago. Here’s an excerpt from it; a letter I wrote to the local paper complaining about the latest youth cult at that time. I was appalled!

4 thoughts on “Radio Dada and it goes something like this…

    • Glad you liked that! You could send any old tripe to the Coventry Telegraph and they’d print it! The reason I sent the letter was to get my own back on them. They used to run something called
      Uncle Tony’s Club where, when you were a kid on your birthday they’d print your name in the paper. My mum had written in when I was a nipper. The trouble was, they would continue to do it until you were 16. It was a bit of a shamer as I was a Punk at the time, going to clubs and pubs and then in the local paper on a Saturday night they print “Happy 16th Birthday, Peter Polanyk from Coundon, Coventry Love Uncle Tony XXX”. Not very good for the reputation and not very punk!

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