Lazy wednesday afternoon

I’m off work this week as it’s the kid’s half term and spending a bit of time doing some DIY on the house. I started early on the painting this morning so I could treat myself to a bit of gardening if the weather perked up in the afternoon, which it did!

Between the April showers I “tipped about” with the hoe, cut the grass and sowed some courgettes and french climbing beans “under cover” aka a jam jar and having ran out of plastic seed labels improvised with a bit of wooden moulding (found in the street last week) and a saw!

I even had to raise the glass on the cold frame made out of the old window as the super early spuds are tearing away. It’s not ideal so I’ll be wrapping them up in fleece while the threat of frost is about and move the frame elsewhere. It’s certainly working well for the spuds and the biodynamic malarky seems to be helping too!

Everything is starting to take off now what with the combination of the sunshine and the showers. The raised bed made out of the scaffolding boards has been filled with plants and in front of that is the salad bed and the seeds sown there are starting to germinate. I ran out of fence protector so need to purchase another couple of tins and the second raised bed needs filling too. This gardening lark, it’s never ending!


6 thoughts on “Lazy wednesday afternoon

  1. Looking good Pete…… Still to early to plant anything here (except maybe protected like your spuds), so I have done nothing. Still…I could be doing a bit of tilling. Lazy sod I am.

    • Hi Scarlett, Thanks a lot for that! I’ve just been grabbing the odd few hours here and there which soon mounted up! I think keeping on top of tidying up and weeding through the winter helped too. Pete

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