Holidays in the sun

I had a dream on Easter Sunday morning involving a presenter from a 1970’s TV gardening show (whose name escapes me, if he ever really existed!) whose last words to me before waking were “indoor lawns really thrive”. I don’t know about indoor lawns thriving this bank holiday but indoor activities have, what with the dreadful weather here!

Most of the weekend was spent painting the hall but I did find the time to sow and pot on some seedlings indoors but nothing much outdoors apart from chucking some veg peelings into the compost heap and feeding the worms in the wormery.

I found another couple of pics of our back garden a couple of weeks after we first moved in on an older computer this weekend while I was looping some shortwave stuff for some new Madtone tunage. I had forgotten how bad it really was. And sometimes I’m a bit hard on myself and think I’ve let the back garden get a bit untidy…

Don’t let the weeds (and the weather) get you down!


4 thoughts on “Holidays in the sun

  1. Looking forward to that “new Madtone tunage”. And you’ve made major progress on the yard & garden there mate.

    • Nice one Dr Strangedub! It shouldn’t be too long before I send you the new tracks. It’s just been hard juggling family/gardening/DIY/life/day-job to find any time to make music. The lack of cash helps as I’m doing a lot more staying in! Cheers Pete

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