Tales from the zerox machine

Last week I got a copy of the fanzine “Gardeners Delight” after seeing the review for it on the site produced by DJ Frederick from the US fanzine Paper Radio called One Minute Zine Reviews http://zinereviews.blogspot.com/. I originally thought they from the States too but turns out they are from S.W. London!

Issue 1, produced last year is an excellent introduction to the world of gardening, has great tips and information for those who are interested in the hobby and want to get started. Issue 2 will feature how to set up a community garden amongst other things which is well up our street. Great stuff and all for the cheap price of £2 including p+p! More information from flissc@gmail.com

They are associated with a community garden which has a nice site at http://www.wimbledonfoodgroup.co.uk/fireplace-garden-blog.html
Inspiring stuff!
It was easy, it was cheap. Go and do it!


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