Howling at the moon

It was a lovely old day today so spent a couple of hours outside. I made a wormery after getting my hands on a plastic tub left out for the bin-men outside a shop on Theobalds Road the other week and used a handful of worms out of compost bin attempt number three. More about how I got on with it in a later post.

Also, I’m now following “biodynamic guide to sowing and planting” by Maria and Matthias Thun to the letter. As today’s a root day to 8pm, I sowed a row of potatoes, carrots and beetroot. It’s early I know but I’ll take me chances with the weather.

When I mention the biodynamic method to most people they think I’m daft saying such things as “ah ok?” and then changing the subject or say it has never been proven to work or think I’ve joined a mad gardening cult. Well as it costs nothing to try (apart from £4 odd for the book on amazon) you’ve got nothing to lose!

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