John Peel is not enough

Here’s my piece on John Peel that is published in the latest edition of the excellent US shortwave listening and D.I.Y media fanzine Paper Radio. Produced by DJ Frederick, the fanzine covers the US pirate scene, music and lots of other radio related material. For more information on the fanzine go to and also check DJ Frederick’s associated blog

Just click on the spreads below to read the article. Big thanks to DJ Frederick.


6 thoughts on “John Peel is not enough

  1. great piece pete!
    sitting in a moscow hotel room – doing some gigs here – then back to estonia & on to london……
    thanks to the connection between us 2 & john peel…..:-)

  2. Very interesting piece Pete…. Here in the States, first heard of John Peel from some of the “Peel Sessions” that were released on vinyl — like Joy Division and New Order. Years later, got to hear quite a bit more about Peel from my pal Brian “Planet” Jackson, a sometimes contributor to the excellent Radio Lancashire “On The Wire” program (and a mate of Steve Barker). Of course, the good folks at OTW seem to know everybody who’s anybody in the London/UK underground and club music scene…

    • Hi Michael. Ta very much for that! I think in the UK sometimes we took the Peel show for granted. Brian Jackson was once at a gig and remembered he had left his car unlocked so rushed down the stairs of the venue to lock it before it got nicked. On his way down, he tripped and was send hurtling down a couple of flights of stairs at a fast pace…straight into a very suprised John Peel (who was on his way up to DJ at the venue) sending his record boxes all over the shop! Poor peel didn’t know what hit him! You’re right about On The Wire they know everyone!

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