Marquee Moon

A few weeks ago I was looking through a bookshop in the west end to spend a tenner’s worth of book vouchers I got for christmas and came across a very interesting book about gardening by the phases of the Moon. Now this is real bonkers but bonkers that has been used by our gardening ancestors for years and bonkers that works!

I knew nothing about the subject and as the book was over the tenner mark I bought Peter Hook’s “The Hacienda: How not to run a club” instead which was okay, full of mad stories but no suprises and certainly not a book you’d want to pick up and re-read. I now wish I added the extra few pounds and bought the other one as it seemed a bit out there but very interesting.

How mad was it when I found out the other day Scarlett Cannon from the great courses at Walworth Garden Farm wrote a piece about it in her regular I-grow section for I-D last month and has been using the method for four years.

I am now “taking steps” (no pun intended Sting) to find out more…


5 thoughts on “Marquee Moon

  1. Very interesting stuff… I had heard a bit about this before, but never really followed up on it. After reading the i-d online article – and the bit about “my crop has been enormous and plentiful regardless of the weather” – I might start planning my planting to fit the right lunar phase.

  2. Brilliant, it’s mad stuff isn’t it? I’m going to do the same too, It doesn’t cost you anything more and all it is, is waiting for the right time. Let us know how you get on.

  3. Michael Rose – it’s so true! Every biodynamic crop has been huge so far. I still have home grown in the freezer from last year’s bounty, even with the bad summer and all…….

    Oh just try it, both of you! It takes extra planning, but is SO worth the results. It will strengthen your connection with the earth too, I am sure, for it IS earth magic!

    • Hi Val. Thanks for that, no bother. It’s all new to me but it’s well interesting stuff! I got the Maria & Matthias Thun book yesterday and will be following it to the letter. I’ll post up how I get on with it. Cheers Pete

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