The real wild house (and garden)

Nearly five years ago we moved into this house that needed so much work even a hardened DIYer would have wept. As a non-hardened DIYer I constantly wept. When you opened up the back doors onto the garden the top picture is what we were greeted with upon arrival. If you look closely in the bottom right panel on the patio door you can see the boarded over remains of the “rockweiller flap” aka a booted-through door.

On the first night we were sitting outside having a drink in the garden wondering if we had done the right thing (I still wonder sometimes) and had to come in after ten minutes what with all the weird rustling in the dense undergrowth.

The photo below is the same view four and a half years later (in mid-winter) and the garden is now cleared of mummified underpants and kid’s bikes and now is a blank canvas to work on. This is a work in progress and work that’s got be be done on little or no budget and this is what this blog is about!


6 thoughts on “The real wild house (and garden)

  1. Thanks for that. It was very disconcerting when we moved in, with the state of the house and the garden too! It was hard work, took me a lot longer than I expected just to clear it but it’ll all be worth it in the end (I hope!!)

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