These boots are made for working…

If there’s ever been any regrets in my life, the biggest one was getting rid of my steel toe-capped boots when I left the council, thinking I’d never use them again after studying graphic design.

I loved those old boots. They were black and had never been polished so were well scuffed and at the front, the leather was so worn away about a quarter of the “steelie” was showing through. They’ve been ran over by my lawnmower, took many a flying brick from the whizzing mower blades and had lots of incidents with misplaced garden forks and spades, so had a “used” look to them. You could have definitely worn them to a Cramps gig!

The downside was that they were freezing when you put them on on a cold winter’s morning, stunk like high heaven mid-summer and were heavy like lead after digging on a wet day with all that London clay stuck to them.

Todays workers have never had it so good, as nowadays the style of protective steel capped footwear are limitless, from beige CAT builder’s boots, backless ladies moccasins and trainees but years ago there was only one style, the Totector boot only available in two colours, black or dark brown. They should be a design classic and be on show at the national museum of gardening alongside a donkey jacket as an example of ancient council workwear.

What’s your favourite gardening footwear? Do let us know and photo’s please!


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