Saturday down the Walworth

Yesterday I attended a great “growing and using herbs” gardening course at the Walworth Garden Farm in SE17. The cost was an amazing zilch and I even took home a planter of Lemon Thyme, Chocolate and Apple Mint and Sorrel alongside lots of great tips and handy gardening hints. The teacher was excellent and catered for the beginner and intermediate gardener alike. It’s brill that there are courses like this around.

Lunchtime was spent down the Walworth Road (re-living the late 1980’s when I used to attend the London College of Printing) popping into Arif’s bakery for a potato & spinach pasty and an eccles cake, watching the aggressive queues at the cashpoints then followed by fighting with the older generation with their shopping trolley’s in Somerfield. Back at the farm in the afternoon, we spent learning about the uses of herbs and then choosing a selection to put into a planter.

If you are in London I would definitely have a look at the courses there (Gardening as well as Beekeeping) as I can’t praise this course highly enough! If you do live outside of the capital have a look around as there has got to be courses like this nationwide.

Thanks to Scarlett at The Walworth City Farm, keep up the good work!

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