(No) Panic in the streets of Nunhead

Thanks very much to Sharon Bassey from the London Beekeepers Association (LBKA) for this excellent photo of a bee swarm taken in Nunhead, South London and for the additional info.

“When bees swarm, they fill their stomachs with honey so they are more lethargic, and their sting is tucked up into their stomachs so are less likely to sting, unless they have been out in the elements for some time.”

A list of major bee foraging plants (there’s loads of minor ones) throughout the year.

Plum & Damson, Cherry, Pear and Oil Seed Rape.
Apple, Dandelion. Hawthorn, Sycamore and OSR.
Blackberry, Field Bean, Raspberry. Sainfoin, OSR and Borage.
Bell Heather, Blackberry, Lime, White Clover, Willowherb, OSR and Borage
Bell Heather, Blackberry, Ling (Heather), Mustard, Red Clover and Willowherb.
Ling and Mustard.

For more info about the LBKA go to http://www.lbka.org.uk/index.php


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