DJ Beekeeper

The other Sunday, I visited the wilds of Kennington, South London for a one day “Taste of Beekeeping” course by The London Beekeepers Association. This was great value at £30 and ran by people who knew what they were on about.

It turned out to be a good day with talks on Bee history, what you need to start keeping them and even donning a beesuit with veil (worth the 30 quid fee alone!) and seeing a hive in action. Great stuff!

The LBA recommend a weekend 2 day course after the introduction and then being mentored for a year before keeping Bees. The best thing is in the guidelines before the course where they note “When you are handling Bees, it is best to avoid strong perfumes (which distracts them), drinking alcohol (which seems to annoy them) and please wear closed shoes.”

So no Brylcreem on the barnet, nor a couple of shorts at lunchtime and definitely leave the flip-flops at home and you should be alright!

More details on the course at


2 thoughts on “DJ Beekeeper

  1. always wondered about beekeeping……if you do this in the city isn’ there the possibility that the flowers they collect from are polluted ?

    is that a picture of a dj or that fella from the police?
    what’s his connection to the story, is he an apiarist?

  2. Nice one Chris! Yes it is a picture of that fella from the Police, the connection to the story is a very poor joke concerning his name which at the time of writing seemed very funny.

    I couldn’t answer the question myself but Sharon Bassey from The London Beekeepers Association (LBKA) has very kindly answered it. Thanks Sharon.

    “Whilst pesticides are sometimes a problem and bees do die from visiting plants treated with pesticides we in the inner cities do not spray like they do in the countryside. Bees in the cities seem to do better than those having to forage on mono crops in more rural areas which have far more. We have such glorious trees in London too which suck up so much pollution.”

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